All our tours include a free Aluminium souvenir water bottle. With water costing more than fuel for your car and it falling from the sky why are we paying more?

A large majority of plastic bottles end up in landfill or in our oceans and are single use. We at Southern Cross won’t change the world but want to do our bit so please accept this reusable water bottle as a thank you for joining our tours.

The water here in Brisbane is 100% drinkable. On our tours your guide will point out were you can fill up for free. You can certainly take these bottles on the plane home just ensure you empty the contents before you go through security.

You can purchase additional bottles when going through the checkout cart when booking for $20 or on the tour for $25 if you want as a gift for your friends and family at home.

*Water bottles are for full fare paying Adult customers booking on our website only

*Free bottle not supplied if doing a transfer

Free Bottle